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TFT- Controller- Card AKV 06 serie for Connection of LCD-Panels

to DVI, RGB Analogue (CRT) and PAL/NTSC Video Sources

type number 46618


  • Resolution up to SXGA (1280x1024) up / downscaling
  • PAL / NTSC Video Input with Picture-in-Picture capability (optional)
  • On Board 3x8 Bit Single LVDS Transmitter (optional)
  • On Board 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub 2x ext. 2x int. (optional)
  • On Board 2W Stereo Amplifier (optional)
  • Flex Jumper Input for customized conn. Input PCB
  • 6-Layer PCB for EMI Improvement

Technical specifications
refer to data sheet: 46618

Technical Data:

Scaling: All Resolutions from VGA to SXGA
Display standards:

Generally all VESA compatible modes are supported

720x400, 640x350, 640x400 @70 Hz
640x480 max. 85 Hz
800x600 max. 85 Hz
1024x768 max. 85 Hz
1280x1024 max. 60 Hz
Analogue RGB: Supports up to 140 MHz operation
Sync on Green: (depending on
Composite Sync: (depending on
DVI: Supports up to 160 MHz operation, Single Link on Chip TMDS receiver
NTSC / PAL Input: 1x CVBS through Cinch connector, optional SMA conn.
USB-Hub (optional): USB 2.0, 2x USB A conn. downstream (external), 2x internal e. g. for touchscreen etc. USB-Upstream / Audio-in vs. 9-pin Sub-D Conn.
Audio Amplifier (optional): Integrated 2W-Stereo Audio-Amplifier
Colors: 16 million colors, 256 shades of grey
Display connectors: 6-Bit TTL Interface, 40 pin. ODU- Minifix Connector
8-Bit TTL Interface, 66 pin 2mm pitch double row
24-Bit LVDS Interface (LDI Mapping), Hirose DF-14 Connector (option)
Temperature: Operating: –31 °C to +70 °C,
5-95 RH, non-condensing.
Ask factory for conformal coating
Dimensions: PCB: 180 x 110 mm
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