Aschenbrenner Elektronik GmbH




Aschenbrenner company was founded in 1948. The original mind, the further development of VHF-radio technology changed constantly to medical technology, power supplies and monitors into a powerful OEM-partner. Our quality management was built up to DIN EN ISO 9001and the production is according to AQAP-2110, and is responsible for a high standard of quality by norms like UL, CSA, TÜV, VDE, etc.

Our Products:

  • industrial monitors
  • monitors for medical equipment, industrial and MIL-standard
  • fixed-frequency-monitors
  • displays
  • power supplies / DC-DC-Converters
  • HV-Modules
  • integrated systems
    (e.g. monitors and displays with PC)
  • special equipment

Our services:

  • custom-built devices
  • OEM-partner
  • own service- and repair center

Aschenbrenner Elekrtonik GmbH
Eschenweg 4-6
83022 Rosenheim
Phone: +49 (0) 8031 6506 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 8031 6506 - 50